Just4Golf ® Story

How does a person take a lifetime career as an executive in the fashion industry, a love of golf, and turn it into a thriving business? Linda Faye founded J4G in 2011 as “I quickly realized how beautiful golf courses are, and the challenge to master the game was in me”. After spending most of her life in the fashion and apparel industry naturally she wanted her golf brand to represent her individuality and the passion she had for the game. When she bought a new golf bag, she found accessories, headcovers in particular, lacking. “What was available was plain and masculine, overly stuffed, or an advertisement. I couldn’t find anything that coordinated with my new bag!”

Just4Golf is a women’s enterprise and continues to fill the gap for fashionable options in golf accessories. Linda’s vision has become one of the fastest growing headcover brands in the U.S. The designs, quality, customer experience and value are what make Just4Golf truly unique.

Linda retired in Spring 2019 and passed the torch. Mary & her team also run Little Miss Tennis (children's tennis & golf apparel since 1973), and have years of experience in this industry.

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